Is DIY-writing more harrowing than stepping on Lego?

Get this DONE-FOR-YOU writing service, and skip the trouble

Not keen on writing your own backstory? Let me do it for you.

Here’s the gist of what you get in my backstory writing service:

  • We have a call to talk about your history, and your knife business
  • I’ll lead the call with some questions (in total we’re talking about 30 minutes)
  • Three business days later you get your professionally-written backstory
  • Fixed cost: $60 $45 USD

That’s the gist. Of course the “devil’s in the details”, so keep reading.

The On-Demand Backstory Service

Hi there. By now you likely get how a well-written backstory can help your buyers.

Instead of a recounting random facts about your life and your business, a strategic backstory shows how you’re moving in a planned direction. That you know what you’re doing and where you want to go.

At the same time…

Does the thought of writing an entire backstory about yourself feel dreadful…?

Like you’d rather get shocked by your belt grinder over and over again?

Warning Static Shocks are Annoying Sign

That’s understandable. Some people just don’t like writing.

Don’t Worry… I’ve Got You Covered (and it’s going to be effortless)


The On-Demand Backstory Service is a FLAT RATE of $45 USD

A fixed price – so there’s no worry of getting nickeled and dimed. No surprise costs, just because your journey into knifemaking is hard to explain.

(Full disclosure: once I’m done collecting testimonials the price is going to jump to $60 USD. Because my wife and I don’t want to end up on a diet of celery and Cup-O-Noodle.)

The benefits of this On-Demand Backstory Service

Having a story on your About Page won’t mean SQUAT if it’s as tiresome as Dick and Jane go to School. By hiring a professional writer you get:

  • A done-for-you service. You don’t waste a minute of shop-time chained to your computer.
  • A tight storytelling structure. The elements of your backstory will tie logically together, helping the reader forge a strong connection to you.
  • A pro’s perspective. I’ll keep your story on-track, strengthening the best elements and tweaking unrelated ones before they bog your story down.

What’s included?

  • A 30- to 45-minute phone or Skype call
  • My professional writing, editing, and proofreading that magics your story into existence
  • The final draft of your story (up to 500 words), sent in Microsoft Word
  • Full transfer of rights on acceptance. You’ll own the story to use in writing, as a video script, or however you like
  • All delivered within 3 business days or less, after our phone call

My Guarantee: Like your knives, my work is tried, tested, and 100% original. Yet if by some small chance my writing underwhelms you, contact me within 72 hours and I’ll refund your money. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

How to get the On-Demand Backstory Service

You can purchase it now using PayPal. Click the PayPal image below and it’ll pop open PayPal’s secure window. Once I receive the payment, I’ll reply to your PayPal email address within 48 hours, to get your contact info and to arrange what time to call you.

If you feel your writing needs are complex and want to talk about them before paying, I’m happy to chat with you.

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