The Knife Marketing Email List

(free email-based marketing insights)

Attention: This email list is only for entrepreneurial knifemakers. People who see the success of their knife business is as vital as their craft.

I define an entrepreneurial knifemaker as a someone like this:

  • They care about growing their business,
  • They understand they haven’t yet reached their potential for marketing,
  • They are willing (or have attempted) to test new promotion strategies,
  • They get that if things don’t pan-out as hoped, it’s a learning opportunity,
  • They have (or can make) time to focus on their business.

Put simply, entrepreneurial knifemakers are those people who will get the most out of this email list that focuses on online marketing.


The emails

This email list for serious knifemakers. People who believe that investing in their business is equally as important as selling high-quality knives.

I’m exclusively focusing on people who want to create a robust business they are proud of, that supports their passion for knifemaking.

If this is you, please understand – this is spare time endeavor for me. My emails are simple. Raw. Unpolished.

(Instead of making them look sexy I put in thought & substance)

If you’re okay with that, then read on. I have a big bag of tricks on how to promote your business online without any smarmy hype and hoopla.

I promise that following through with my trainings will help attract people to your knife business. And as a result, you’ll make sales to those who are the most interested.


Why I decided to create a “Knife Marketing” email list

I’m involved in the knife community.

But I travel nearly full-time, so it’s hard for me to practice actual knifemaking. Instead of sidelining my interest, I combined it with my (more portable) passion: Online marketing.

This way I feed my appetite for knifemaking. And help those people who care enough for their knife business to invest time, effort, or money into its success.


Why’s this signup so hard to find!

My insights are for email subscribers only. Why?

Because I enjoy quality marketing and all that goes with it.

And because I don’t enjoy wasting time on someone who just wants a quick buck.

Things I HATE: pop-ups that take over your screen, bait & switch lures, brute sales, over-promising, hidden conditions, fake anything, and other aggressive marketing tactics

In a nutshell, if you sign up to this list I trust that you’re someone who cares about the reputation of your business, beyond just making a sale.

Even though my best stuff is only for subscribers, if a topic is popular, I may expand it into a public training. But for now, email only.


What’s involved?

Here’s the deal.

The first thing I’m sending is a free email training called: Tried & Trusted About Pages (or in short, TTAP)

A good backstory isn’t the only thing you need on an About Page. The TTAP training covers the key things you’re likely missing.

The training is broken into 5 parts. Each part is sent as a simple, mostly-text email.

I’ll send a single email every few days or so. That way you can absorb the lesson (email) at an easy pace.

After that, as I learn what topics you guys are interested in, I’ll create a new training and let you know about it by email.

I find email to be more pleasant, more personal, than social media. So I treat every email with respect. Have no worry, I won’t spam you or pull any hard sells.



Here’s where you can sign up.

It’s free. However, if the timing is bad, for whatever reason, PLEASE DON’T JOIN.

The signup will be here when you’re good to think about your business.

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FAAQ (Freaking Always Asked Questions)


Are you going to try to sell me anything?

No. My insights into marketing, advertising, and branding are free. At the same time, if an idea generates enough interest, I *might* put together a “done for you” service option for a fee.

While I’m a DIY guy, I get that some knifemakers would rather buy a solution instead of doing it themselves. And that’s cool. No need to do everything the hard way. Either way, pushy-underhanded selling isn’t my thing. I’ll be clear and upfront about any offers.


How would I unsubscribe?

Easy-peasy. With a single click of the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of every email.


Are you going to sell my email or personal info?

Hah! Nope. My family would kick my ass. I grew up country, outside a small town of 8,500 people. Privacy is important to me too. I hope my word is good enough, but if you’d rather, here’s the legalese of this site’s privacy policy.


What “computer stuff” will I need to know?

Most knifemakers know all about tradeshows. I’m not the person to offer thoughts on that. But there’s an opportunity for knifemakers to stand out and shine online. My focus is digital. Think websites, email, video, and social media.

I get that not every knifemaker is a computer whiz. Then again, knifemakers are learners. That’s how you advance your skills in the shop. Same goes for computer stuff. You learn a bit, try it, look at your results, and then learn a bit more.

I want to help knifemakers with online marketing. The more internet savvy you are, the easier that will be.

But if “techy” internet stuff is the obstacle, and there’s enough demand, I’ll gladly put together training to get people over that obstacle.