So You Can Have A Powerful “About Page”

(without telling some horrific humble-brag of a story)

If you have a website for your knife business, chances are you have an About Page that tells potential buyers who you are. And that’s some good. Because knowing the person responsible for a handcrafted knife, makes buying it more enticing.

Is your About Page *enticing buyers*?

What if I told you there’s a step-by-step template, specifically for knifemakers, that helps you tell a good backstory…

A backstory about you, that gets buyers interested, and shows how you’re moving your business in a strategic direction. That you know what you’re doing and where you want to go.

The template is here.

And it’s free. Like really free, no email signup or anything.

I call it The Backstory Blueprint for Knifemakers. Or a little shorter, BB4K.

A.K.A – How to write your “About Page” story to forge a crucial connection with buyers that leads to lucrative knife sales

Here’s a look… but let me explain it below, as the “devil is in the details”:

Backstory Blueprint for Knifemakers Overview

I’ve based the BB4K blueprint on a universal storytelling style first exposed in 1949. It’s a structure you’ve seen applied to nearly every Hollywood blockbuster since then.

(Coincidentally, Forged in Fire has also repeatedly used this structure.

But more on that later.)

WHO is this for? I’ve tweaked the blueprint to suit knifemakers and bladesmiths. People who make knives but hate bragging about why they’re good at it.

WHAT is it? A simple “about me” structure to follow if you’re stuck, and don’t really know how to write about yourself in an interesting way.

WHERE is it? Right here. The training & blueprint is totally free for knifemakers. And no. You won’t need to signup for anything.

When? Now. It’s possible to hammer out a rough draft of your backstory in 30 minutes.

WHY do you need this? Because “selling yourself” feels like shit. Or maybe you don’t want to come across as big-headed. Whatever the reason, I feel you. Hate talking about myself too. Got over it. Following a blueprint like the BB4K helps.

At the most basic level The Backstory Blueprint for Knifemakers goes like this:

  • Tell them who you are now
  • Tell them where you started
  • Discuss a challenge you overcame
  • Tell them why they should care

I’ll cover each element in detail.

But first you need to know something just so we’re on the same page.

I’m sharing this blueprint so you can take control of your reputation, start building your brand, and better serve the people buying your knives.

“The greatest opportunity in the new Maker Movement is the ability to be both small and global. Both artisanal and innovative. Both high-tech and low-cost. Starting small but getting big.”

~Chris Anderson from Makers: The New Industrial Revolution

Word-of-mouth (and the occasional knife show) isn’t the only way to tastefully sell your knives. There’s a tremendous opportunity out there for the small-business knifemaker who – ahead of the pack – adopts a new marketing strategy.

The world’s advancing, marketing’s getting sophisticated, and it’s time for the handmade knife business to play catch up.

But for now, lets put my passion for marketing aside and focus on your backstory…

Remember I mentioned Forged in Fire?

I love that show. It displays the talent behind great blades.

And whether you like the show or not, 1.1 million adults ages 25-54 watched the fourth season. Now going into six seasons, Forged in Fire keeps enthusiasm for bladesmithing abnormally high.

Forged in Fire is successful without (abhorrent) reality-TV drama and fighting. It’s successful without fancy graphics. Heck, it follows the same format for EVERY. DAMN. SHOW. And it’s still successful.

Clearly the History Channel knows how to engage an audience.

They do this with storytelling.


According to people are 20 times more likely to remember facts if they’re part of a well-told story. That…

 “Good stories do more than create a sense of connection. They build familiarity and trust, and allow the listener to enter the story.”


During Season 3, Forged in Fire gave us a backstory for the judges Jason Knight and J. Neilson.

Go ahead, watch those now. I’ll wait.

And J. Neilson’s backstory:

Entertaining as these videos are, they serve a purpose.

They are modern marketing stories.

We’ll dissect both videos (and their storytelling structure) during the training. But for now, at the most practical level, what we can take from them is:

  • Storytelling is an ENTERTAINING way to show your experience as a knifemaker

Using story, we suddenly gain the superpower to talk about our skills – WITHOUT bragging.

The BB4K (Backstory Blueprint for Knifemakers) paints a picture of the skills you’ve earned. It embraces your bumpy road from novice to expert knifemaker. And it helps a buyer truly get (right down in their gut) how your talent affects your knives.

In short, the BB4K story format helps people decide to buy from you.

Interested in learning how to do this? Cool.

Let’s get started.

Click here to continue…

Tim Hirtle Sign Off Photo

~ Tim Hirtle

PS – 

Quick question…

You’ve likely heard that when people buy a knife, they buy the maker as much as the knife itself.

Do you think that’s true?

(I know I do)

The Knifemaker’s Story + The Knife = The $$$

So when a stranger finds your website, how are you representing yourself?

Are you adding value to every part of the equation? Click here to continue…

Think about it.