Tim Hirtle in orange coat on Hurricane Ridge

Hi there. I’m Tim. A marketing writer, knife fan, and bit of a digital geek.

I’m some glad you stopped by this page. Have you ever left a “passion project” half-finished, for too long?

I sure have. This website for example.

I’ll be uploading more free training soon. Then things here won’t seem quite so… half-finished.


Why Knife Marketing?

You’re in the right place if you’re a knifemaker who has realized that investing in your business is equally as important as selling high-quality knives.

I’m intent on doing everything I can to help you take big steps in your online marketing, advertising, and branding. I want to help you strengthen your digital presence, sell in reputable ways, and make the strategies, fundamentals, and tech behind modern marketing weapons in your business arsenal.

More on me?

I’m a marketing writer for the adventure travel industry. It’s my steady job. In my free time I watch Forged in Fire and I’ve even made a knife or two. But more often I’m reading about things like buyer psychology, user experience, and persuasion. Yup. I’m a book nerd.

And also… I’m going to change the handmade knife industry.


Find out here, on my about page.

~ Tim Hirtle


I’m based out of Nova Scotia, Canada, and my accent in real life is a bit wonky. Sorry ’bout that.

If you’ve got questions about this website, feel free to contact me.